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          Konjac knowledge


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          knowledge of the konjac:

                  Is beneficial to the basic food, edible animal acidic foods too many people, with eating the food, you can achieve the food acid, alkali balance, beneficial to human health. Araceae Amorphophallus konjac plant general, mainly produced in the tropical and subtropical Eastern Hemisphere, China is one of country of origin 
          ,Sichuan, Hubei, Yunnan, Guizhou, Shaanxi, Guangdong, Guangxi, Taiwan and other provinces in the mountains are distributed. There are a lot of kinds of varieties, according to statistics, there are more than and 260 varieties in the world, 19 of which are recorded in China, 8 of which are unique to our country. Konjac tubers oblate, like a big water chestnut, is rich in nutrition, contains a variety of vitamins and potassium, phosphorus, selenium and other mineral elements, also containing konjac glucomannan human needs, and has low calorie, low fat and high fiber characteristics. 

           Konjac food is not only delicious, delicious taste, and have the effect of weight loss fitness, cure cancer, it swept the world in recent years, and was hailed as a "magic food", "magic food", "health food". But the whole plant is toxic to konjac tuber, the tongue, throat, poisoning after burning, itching, swelling, people with vinegar and a little ginger, or oral gargle can save. Therefore, before eating must be konjac after milling, cooking, rinsing process of detoxification.


                konjac Nutrition analysis
                   It is rich in the content of polysaccharide, especially in the variety of white and white, and the variety of the flower is 65% - 50%. Konjac polysaccharide called konjac glucomannan, consists of a large number of mannose and glucose in beta -1, 4- glucoside linear polymer compound health connected, in some of its molecular carbohydrate side chain, with a certain amount of acetyl groups, molecular mannose and glucose is 1:1.5 - 1.7, molecular weight Dalton can be as high as 106, high viscosity, water soluble in water, expansion of a large, with specific biological activity. 

               These characteristics, determine the polysaccharide has a variety of uses. In addition to medicine, the sugar in the textile, printing and dyeing, cosmetics,ceramics, fire, environmental protection, military, oil and other aspects of the use of a wide range of. In addition, there are 30% - 40% of the fly ash produced in the process of konjac fly powder, because also contained a certain amount of glucomannan, therefore, natural polymer powder and fly polyhydroxy compounds as the main body, so like starch, can be made of xanthate, should be used for precipitation of soluble heavy metal ions in wastewater. The main ingredients of the high mannose rich food fiber, a variety of amino acids and trace elements, often eat a lot of benefits to the human body :
               1: the taste of blood stasis to promote blood konjac drugs, and prevent bruising effect. The mucus protein contained in the body can reduce the accumulation of cholesterol in the body, prevent arteriosclerosis and prevent and cure cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;  

          2: konjac interference reducing anti-cancer effects on cancer cell metabolism, drug sensitivity test of cardia cancer, colon cancer cells can be sensitive, phlegm Ruanjian Sanzhong detoxification, attending mass, sputum, nuclear scrofula disease, can prevent cancer;  
                3; we reduce the absorption of fat: konjac fiber can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, laxative, prevent constipation and reduce the intestinal absorption of fat, is conducive to the treatment of intestinal disorders, and can reduce cholesterol accumulation, have important significance for prevention and treatment of hypertension and coronary artery atherosclerosis;     

            4: eat to lose weight konjac is low calorie food, which contains glucomannan will swell, can be increased to the original volume of 30 to 100 times, and have a sense of satiety after eating, can be used for the treatment of diabetes, is an ideal slimming food.  
               Suitable crowd
                 The general population can be eaten, especially in patients with diabetes and obesity, the ideal food 。  

          How to identify pure konjac?

           People in modern society more and more attention to the problem of food safety, "eat a healthy, eat out nutrition" has become a common pursuit of the people at present. As a high fiber, low calorie, low fat food, the product is in line with people's health requirements. But at present the market especially in Konjac konjac acid dragons and fishes jumbled together, mostly, how to distinguish and select good konjac products? What are the hazards of acid food? Have become urgent to understand the problem, here we will help you answer one by one. 

          1 acid food hazards

          First of all, acid is the body's high intake of high fat, high protein, high calorie foods results. When the acidic material than the body's own regulating ability, or the body's ability to regulate acid-base balance, the balance of the human body is broken, it produces acid. Normal blood pH in 7.35 ~ 7.45 is alkaline, but around this part of the total population of 10% people, more of the body fluids in the pH value below 7.35, the body in the sub-health state between health and disease, medically known as acidic physique. 

          Secondly, compared with alkaline, acidic who often feel fatigue, inattention, memory loss, waist leg pain, to the hospital the examination and check out what's wrong with it, such as the lack of improvement, will continue to develop into disease. When the pH value of body fluid below the neutral 7, it will have a major illness, dropped to 6.9, will become a vegetable, if only 6.8 ~ 6.7, the person will die. 

          [from New York] the most advanced medical center hospital ": the last year of the 60 tumor patients will acidic fluid become alkaline, tumor will disappear. All the subjects at the end of this study, the tumor disappeared! This study shows that if a person's physical fitness is alkaline will not have cancer and cardiovascular disease
          The medicine proved that if the body acidic, the body cells would be worse, it is not easy to discharge waste, kidneys, liver burden will increase, The new supersedes the old. slowly, all organs function, easy to get sick. Acid is easy to fatigue, aging, aging, breeding disease, but also affect the human intelligence. And regular consumption of pure ecology of the food, food can effectively improve the acidic body to maintain the body's acid-base balance, can quickly and the body too much acidic substances, so as to enhance physical and disease resistance. Can be rapidly and in vivo too much acidic substances, including the production of acid and fish, meat, eggs and other acidic food in the body generated acidic metabolites, thereby enhancing physical and disease resistance. 

          How to select authentic?

             The original ecology of konjac pure are alkaline food, acidic konjac has been abandoned by foreign importers, in the international market without a tiny bit of land. In addition, pure konjac konjac powder with high grade and high purity as raw material, removal of starch has the purification powder, the raw material is low or late blended starch are fake and shoddy products. 

               As for words, a good awareness and health concept of dealers and consumers, how to choose authentic pure konjac food is the key, so only cheaper or under the surface confusion, selection or improper consumption, who can not enjoy the real value of konjac delicious full weight would adversely affect the consumption body. About the method of identification, may wish to teach you a few strokes: 

            1, look at the color

          True not to add the original color of the pigment of the original ecological food, color white yellow, with the extension of time will gradually become white, but if people add color, the product is white at any time, and low transparency. Currently on the market with inferior or adulterated konjac powder additives are used for bleaching treatment; purification of konjac powder processing, but in the face of the current domestic consumer awareness of konjac is not fully mature and cost control considerations, purification powder substandard or adulterated by most manufacturers, caused a lot of bad risks. 

          2, smell the smell

          Good quality konjac food with alkaline preservation solution, smelling slightly alkaline taste, because it is based on imported food grade alkaline additives as coagulant and storage carrier, the processing of products from Japan, long shelf life, quality guaranteed, so far is still on the industry sector only recognized preservation technology. But now some enterprises in China based on a consideration of the use of acid type preservation, this method is easy to produce sales and consumption of the phenomenon of product deterioration, and contrary to the original health properties of the food. 

          3, taste

          Open the bag of konjac taste, smooth taste and good toughness and slightly astringent is good, this is due to the interaction of alkaline substances.

          4, touch the soft and hard

           Good quality konjac food should be moderate hardness, and has the characteristics of flexibility, not easily broken; if too soft or strong is the process properly or the use of inferior raw material and other additives. 

                In summary, in recent years, health food is still leading the concept of konjac food, have attracted more and more attention and off, especially white-collar knowledge, diabetes and cardiovascular disease in patients with love. While the "leader" of konjac more because of its professional and reliable and reputable, pure raw materials and other characteristics, gradually become an indispensable consumer trust and delicious dishes on the table.