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          Also known as konjac, konjac. Our country is the main supply country of the global. Guizhou is in the world the best flower konjac. Is the only plant in the world to extract a large number of high quality dietary fiber (high quality dietary fiber) plant. Due to prevent obesity, diabetes, three peculiar effect is known as the "magic food" in the world is set off the upsurge of konjak. Can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, paper, printing and dyeing, geology, building materials, agriculture, environmental protection, aerospace and other fields, has been greatly valued in the world, is a sunrise industry in twenty-first Century.         

          Since 90s of last century, the United Nations Food and Health Organization announced: the precious natural health food and medicine raw material for human. Food made from the United Nations health organization is identified as one of the ten major health care products. Then passed the United Nations Food and Health Organization of the United Nations as a qualified food in the global free sales act.

                The Japanese government and the Japanese people all provisions: every day must be eating more than 200g konjac food, to supplement the dietary fiber. Japan's annual consumption of food for each family of 4000 yen per family, is the world's longest average life expectancy of men and women of the country.         

          Japanese is imported from China, the formation of the food industry in the early 700 years in china. The Japanese government to develop a variety of protection policies to support the domestic industry of the. Since the last century in 60s, the international development of the continuous development of the use of the continuous development of the Japanese in Japan, the heat, must be imported from China every year. South Korea and Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macao in the annual consumption of 10 thousand tons of food. 

              The United States Food and drug administration has passed the registration of konjac food, began importing konjac and konjac products. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the konjac powder can be used as a food additive. FMC, the largest food additives company in the United States, successfully developed the use of glucose as a food additive to promote the development of the products in Europe and America. Official Bulletin of the official approval of the European Union on the approval of the food, the weight loss and health function of interest, has been to strengthen the research and development of the. 

            Chinese Ministry of health has been included in the list of new resources of the common food. National Center for Disease Control and prevention has been listed as a diet to prevent diabetes and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, functional health food.        

           After Japan, the United States is the world's largest country in the amount of the amount of the country, in recent years, imports from Japan, China's 8000 tons / year of more than a year, the international market demand for a large number of growth. At present, the raw materials of raw materials rose, the average price of five thousand yuan per ton. Now China's total annual production of more than 7000 tons of flour, while domestic and foreign demand in more than 50000 tons. 

                  Global obese patients 500 million, is the best way to lose weight diet, such as in accordance with the 400 yuan per capita calculation, the market size of 200 billion yuan. China has about 70000000 obese people, about 60000000 diabetes patients, 160 million patients with hypertension, 40% of the sub healthy people, these are the basic needs of the population to consume. Through the expansion and development, the market of konjac food consumer guide, according to the actual data of Japan each family $40 annual consumption of konjac food projections, "from the aspects of science, market, benefit, dietary fiber is a project in an invincible position, it is necessary and urgent, but also can be used, it is because of China konjac industry is still hovering at a low level position, so it has more development potential"