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                                                           Dalian Jinlida Food Co. Ltd. cooperation policy

                一、Classification of cooperative distributors :
                Company agents are divided into exclusive agents, distributors, agents, wholesalers, retailers. 

           ◆The sole agent in the specified area and time period, unified by the company authorized the individual engaged in business activities specified products, shall not appoint second agents of the company during this period or region; exclusive agents must according to the agreement between the implementation of client sales tasks.   

           ◆The franchisee does not have exclusive agency qualification but the assessment has considerable sales and marketing ability, the company unified authorization and the specified time, the specified product sales reached agreement company sales target customers. Under the same conditions, the franchisee can give priority to the promotion of exclusive agents. 

               ◆Although the index is not up to the wholesaler franchise level of sales, but the performance is single, single product orders in the standard or above the monthly cumulative sales is relatively considerable, to meet the performance requirements of the product can be awarded wholesaler qualifications. According to the promotion and evaluation results of the sales performance, the agent can qualify as a franchisee.      

          ◆ Retailer refers to the average sales, a single product purchase quantity in the wholesale standard under the sporadic purchase customers 

               二、cooperation agents qualification requirements
              Dealers at all levels need to have the basic business qualifications, to provide effective business license, circulation permit and other necessary relevant qualification documents (except retailers). Project operation and market operation experience, have a certain economic strength and sufficient operating funds, fixed marketing network and good business reputation, can quickly and effectively implement company business plan

               三、Agents' rights

          1. The sole agent in the region or city agents, enjoy exclusive company specific products or products (right can be awarded the "exclusive" plaque). 

           2. An exclusive agent or a franchisee, in the agent's area or city, has the right to develop a lower level distributor or franchisee.     

          3. All agents or retailers, in the area of the agent can develop their own business outlets, counters, stores, or the implementation of groups to buy, conference marketing and other marketing methods. 

           4.All agents or retailers, in the area of the agent can legally carry out the product's advertising (any form of media advertising in advance and the company after the confirmation of the content of the release) 

          四、 Obligation of agents :
               1. To perform their duties as stipulated in the contract, and regularly accept the review and evaluation of the company's headquarters.      

          2. An exclusive agent or a franchisee must show the number and the specific information of the dealer or franchisee in the area. An exclusive agent shall not sell the same or similar products as the company's products   

           3. According to the company's headquarters to develop the market plan and market prices to operate.      

          4. Exclusive agents or franchise dealers, must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the company, to achieve or exceed the corresponding turnover and quantity, if the monthly serious non-compliance or not for 3 consecutive months, will be given the appropriate treatment.      

          5.  Honest, trustworthy, and maintain the image of the company and its products.     

          6.  Honest, trustworthy, and maintain the image of the company and its products.     

          7. If there is breach of contract, the 3 consecutive month did not meet, not through the review and assessment, damage to the company and the company products image and so on, will be degraded and deprived of their corresponding level of concessions, preferential policies, serious cases transferred to judicial organs.   

            五. Market support policy:

           1. Strict protection of the exclusive agents in the region, to maximize the protection of the interests of agents to maximize     

          2. The company will ensure a comprehensive and long-term agency authority, and rejected all regional exclusive agents consumers directly buy products from the company, the company will arrange the customer to introduce the corresponding sole agent. 
               3. Company headquarters do not charge any fee, such as exclusive agents or agents to develop regional policies (prior to and the company negotiated and approved), the franchise fees are charged by the agents. 
               4.Manufacturers direct supply, reduce the intermediate link, the profit to the agents.      

          5.  Free distribution of product promotional materials, and to give a certain advertising support 。
               6. Enjoy the company for different season, the festival introduced preferential, preferential and other activities. Exclusive agents with company business support priority. 
               7. Under certain conditions, enjoy the annual rebate or return policy. 
               8.Issued by the exclusive authorization and plaque, and promotion in the company network home page. 

               七、Supplementary explanation

              Cooperation agents at all levels of the specific price and preferential policies, this is not publicity, the specific circumstances, please call the company sales department.