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           Jinzhou District, Dalian City, the advanced Street eight

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          Product story / product description

          一、Classic series

          1.White konjac products (white, white, white, white triangle etc.)

          The original classic konjac products, food Q elastic and smooth, fresh and delicious, the method is simple and diverse, kitchen ingredients for choice housewives of the gospel!

          2.The knot of the taro

          The classic konjac silk knot, Cecil smooth crystal, the knot full of lingering sentiments. Is a holiday in the hot pot, the table must share. 100% handmade knot, is full of love!

          3.Konjac (black, black, black blackboard etc.)

          Take the southern coastal city with good quality and fresh konjac, fresh seaweed, produce konjac unique taste, bring you different konjac new enjoyment!

          二、Export series

          Products are exported to Japan, Sydney, Hongkong and other countries, super high quality and strict quality control, as well as high dietary fiber, low calorie food characteristics, creating a hot line brand! Let you eat healthy, eat at ease!

          三、Kagura series

          Kagura silk knot: God "line" nature, enjoy life, music "taro" is the core concept of Kagura series. Fragrant taro with nutritious food, become an independent school to enjoy the perfect present. True "medical food homology, delicious sharing".

          Daheishan over the stream, the Jinsha River and rich points generated by the combination of Jinlida Kagura konjac, it is like to instantly have a pure and fresh nature, nourishing the heart and lung, fairyland misty, so that health and delicious in surround.

          四、Tasty series

           Richly endowed by nature natural environment gave birth to the rich rural flavor, the combination of Hunan style hotsauce halogen collocation, process to make the taste of mutual penetration, distinctive taste. Entrance spicy juicy, refreshingappetizer, chewy
          Your health is our biggest responsibility.
          To its dregs, its essence, the most excellent product quality, dedicated to those who enjoy life friends, this is our pursuit of the life of the state, enjoy carefree and content.